Bhakra Beas Management Board

Bhakra Beas Management Board

Pong Power House

Pong Dam is a Earth Core Gravel Shell type and Power House is located in stilling basin down side of six penstocks each of 5.025 m diam. Installed capacity of this power house is 396 MW (6x66 MW).

Pong Power House


Type Of Dam Earth core gravel shell
Elevation at top of dam EL 435.86 m (1430 feet)
Catchment Area 12,560 Sq. Kms (4850 Sq.Miles)
Maximum Reservoir level EL 433.12 m (EL 1421 feet)
Gross storage capacity at El. 1390 ft. 7051 million cum (5.716 million acre feet)
Live storage capacity at El. 1390 ft. 5966 million cum(4.837 million acre ft)

River Outlet (Agriculture)

No. of outlets 4 (Two in each tunnel)
Type of gates Slide Gates
Max. discharge through each Gate 252.6 cumecs (8925 cusecs)


Type of spillway Overflow gated chute
Spillway gates Six radial gates 14.48 m x 12.344 m (each)
Maximum outflow through spillway 12,375 cumecs (4,37,000 Cusecs)

Power Plant

No. of Units 6
Installed capacity 396 MW
6 x 66 MW
Type of turbine Vertical shaft, Francis Type
Speed 166.7 r.p.m.
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