Bhakra Beas Management Board

Bhakra Beas Management Board

System Load Despatch Center

The System Load Despatch Centre (SLDC) of Bhakra Beas Management Board is assigned with the responsibility of Round the Clock Monitoring, Operation and Control of BBMB Transmission and Generation Assets. BBMB SLDC is equipped with State of Art Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition and Energy Management System (SCADA/EMS) and a dedicated Optical Fibre based Communication System which helps the SLDC Engineers in discharging their responsibilities efficiently, by taking informed decisions duly assisted and guided by the latest technologies.

Keeping pace with the technology, the SCADA/EMS System of BBMB SLDC has been recently upgraded. The new system has a host of new features, which provides greater insights into Power System Monitoring and Control. BBMB has also established its backup SLDC by sharing the infrastructure with PSTCL, thereby providing a unique and cost effective solution to ensure continuity of services in case of any disaster. By sharing the backup of SLDC with PSTCL, BBMB saved about Rs. 5 Crores in the project cost for itself as well as for PSTCL. BBMB has also equipped its 10 important Generating Stations and Sub-Stations with the State of Art RTUs.

The SCADA/EMS equipment installed at BBMB SLDC comprises of various Servers, Data Storage Devices, Firewalls, Video Projection System, Operator Consoles, Remote Consoles etc. In addition to the above a dedicated web server has been installed at BBMB SLDC. The web server automatically fetches real time data and single line diagrams from SCADA data and download reports pertaining to BBMB Power System. The external users can connect to web servers through Internet to view SLDC data, display & reports.

In addition, all BBMB Power Houses and Sub-stations have been provided with dedicated SCADA remote consoles. These remote consoles are connected to BBMB SLDC through a dedicated communication link. With the help of these remote consoles the Sub-station/Power houses officers/staff can monitor the status of various power system devices installed in their own Sub-station as well as other Sub-stations of BBMB. In addition to this the reports pertaining to each Power House and Sub-station can be generated by their Control Room Engineers/Staff.

Through their concerned efforts, the Engineers at BBMB SLDC have pioneered various innovative techniques in Power System Monitoring, Operation and Control and continue to march forward towards their goal for implementation of Smart Grid in BBMB.

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